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I'm new to a couple of communities here on LiveJournal and thought I'd do a quick x-post to introduce myself.

I'm Heather, 30 years old, legal secretary, bisexual, pagan, and part of a polyamorous group of three adults (myself, Steph and Mike) and two children (Noah and Eric), neither biologically mine.

In addition to a house full of people, we also have Mattie (chocolate lab mix), Chloe and Vader (adorable but evil kittens), and my rat-girls, Ruby, Tinkerbell, Holly and Ivy.

Mike works full-time, Steph is in training for a part-time job (that was hired as a full-time position that fell threw, long story and I'm still pissy about it), and I work a forty-hour week in theory, but it can actually vary from just over 40 to closer to 50. In addition, Eric is in preschool, Mike has Tai-Kwon-Do classes 2 nights a week, Mike and I are in the process of getting involved in the local community theatre, and Steph and I almost always attend the local "Friday night auction" lately. Its a busy, busy household, to say the least.

So far, this relationship is working well for us, but this is the first poly relationship for any of us, really. I have had a previous "open" relationship, with some secondary involvements, but none of us have ever been involved in anything remotely like we have now. I'm looking to meet people and make friends in similar situations, who can help us deal with the bumps in the road I KNOW will be coming up. For instance, when Noah starts in a new school this fall, and people ask about his family, how is he going to handle that? He's already asking, does this mean he has two mommies? No, it means you have Mommy and Mike and Heather, all who love you very much and will be here to take care of you. So far, that works. I'm not silly enough to think all of his questions will be answered that easily, or the answers so readily accepted.

Anything else you want to know, just ask. I'm glad to be here, and hope to meet lots of interesting people.
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