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Baby names

Brief bit of background, for those that don't know me (which is most of you lol) -- I'm part of a FFM triad, and my girlfriend is pregnant, due in March.

Stolen from stephilyn:

"I think the general consensus on names is:

Bethany or Katelyn for a girl

Connor for a boy

Heather feels Connor Nelson is too many "n's"...I don't disagree but it's the only name we all like.

She suggested Bethany Sage which I love for the meaning but I'm worried it sounds too harsh. Any suggestions on middle names? We want something that is meaningful and preferably honors nature."

Mike isn't thrilled with the front-runners right now, but isn't coming up with anything better. :) We suggested Kyle if its a boy, but Steph vetoed on the grounds that we all have that little Cartman voice in our head starting with "WEELLLLL.........." lol

Any thoughts?

X-posted to my journal, as well as a few other groups -- so if you see this several times, I apologize! :)
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