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Survey from a Poly Group I belong to

X-posted in numerous places to try to spread the word. Please feel free to pass this along to any other polys you know. Also, please remember not to post your answers here, but email them directly to Dr. Ley. Thanks!

Dear reader (and moderator) - I'm a psychologist in NM, trying to
write about the poly community. Unfortunately, there is very little
that is known about those that practice polyamory. As a result, there
are many misconceptions about poly people. Initially, I thought that
i could just write about the research that's been done, but instead,
I find that I must ask the questions myself. This is an initial
survey, to gather information. If you're interested, please forward
the survey on to other groups, and reply to me at: Please don't respond to the survey on the
group, as it will flood the group and make moderators unhappy with
me, plus I might miss your response.


David Ley, Ph.D.

Polyamory Survey

By responding, I am consenting to participate in this study. I
acknowledge that all personal information will be kept confidential,
and only used in aggregate, research form. My email address will not
be released or used by anyone other than the researcher, who may use
it for follow-up questions or information.

As an information-based survey, there is little risk of harm to the
participant, though it is possible that some questions may trigger
internal discomfort or stress on the part of the respondent. In that
case, the participant is encouraged to seek counseling in their area.
The researcher may be contacted via email for assistance in locating
counseling resources.

__________________________ - ____________
(Please type in your initials and date above, to acknowledge consent)

For questions or concerns, please contact the researcher:
David Ley Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, New Mexico

This study is being conducted to support the preparation of a chapter
about polyamory and nonmonogamous relationships. Extremely little
research has been conducted about the personal, demographic and
social attributes of those who live the lifestyle known
as "polyamory." This survey is being conducted as a very preliminary
and limited investigation into the qualities and characteristics of a
group largely ignored by current research.

Please fill in answers. You are free to add in extra information, but
please refrain from deleting any requested answers. Questions are
asked in as careful and nonjudgmental a manner as possible, but may
still trigger reactions on the part of the respondent. If you feel
strongly about some questions, please tell me about it in the comment
section. Couples and family partners are encouraged to respond,
though please have each partner respond separately. Please feel free
to forward this email survey to other groups and listserves.


Gender –

Age –

Highest degree achieved –

Current (legal) marital status –

Have you ever been divorced? If so, number of prior marriages –

Number of children –

Average personal income –

What type of Work do you do? –

Political Affiliation -

Do you vote? If so, for whom did you vote in the last two
presidential elections? Gore v Bush, Bush v Kerry? –

State of residency –

What type of area do you live in? City, suburb, small town, country,
other –

Do you attend church? If so, what denomination and how regularly? -

Do you own your own home? –

Have you ever been treated for a mental or behavioral illness?


Do you support or oppose abortion? –

Do you support or oppose gay marriage? –

Do you support or oppose the teaching of abstinence in schools? –

Do you support or oppose the expansion of Welfare services to the
poor? -


How do you describe your sexual orientation (homosexual, bisexual,
heterosexual, other)? –

Have you ever engaged in sexual contact with the same sex? –

Were you ever sexually abused? –

At what age did you lose your virginity engage in consensual sexual
activity) –

Have you ever engaged in group sex? –

Have you ever engaged in swinging? –

Have you ever sought treatment for sexual issues such as sexual
addiction, transvestism, impotence, etc.) ? –

Did you ever have extramarital affairs (without partner's consent or
knowledge) in prior marriages? If so, how many times? –

Do you consider yourself a member of any other alternative sexual
lifestyle, such as the S&M community, homosexual or bisexual
communities, or nudists? –

On the scale below, please indicate your views of gender roles:

Women should stay home, care for children and keep house:
Strongly Agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly disagree RESPONSE___
Women are more able to express their emotions than men;
Strongly Agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly disagree RESPONSE___
Women are more interested in love and relationships than men:
Strongly Agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly disagree RESPONSE___


How long have you considered yourself polyamorous? –

How did you first find out about polyamory? –

If you are married or in a committed relationship, is your partner(s)
polyamorous? –

If you are in a committed relationship, do you have sexual or
intimate relationships outside the relationship? –

How have you and your partner(s) negotiated the boundaries of your

What does polyamory mean to you? –


Thank you for your assistance. Please feel free to contact the
researcher with any questions or concerns.
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