teamnoir (teamnoir) wrote in polypagans,

Looking for a sanity check

Hey.  I'm looking for a sanity check.

If you're dating person A, and person A begins to date person B...

Do you naturally assume that your time, energy, etc, with person A
will decline and/or that person A will pull away from you?  Or do you
generally assume that these things will remain relatively constant,
with the understanding that if things take off between A & B that
there may well be some NRE to dissipate?

Conversely, if you are dating person A and you begin to date person C,
do you plan for or expect that your time, attention, and/or energy for
person A will necessarily decline?  Or do you tend to assume that your
relationship with A will remain more or less consistent as you begin
to add the new relationship in to your life?
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