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Advice on a couple of readings

I just did a couple of readings for myself, but I'm somewhat new to tarot and would enjoy having others' viewpoints. I did one reading about work/career and one about love/relationships.

Some background -

Work - I'm currently employed at a private preparatory preschool. I help out with 2 and 3 year olds in the morning, 4 year olds in the afternoon, and teach general music to all of the classes with kids aged 3-5 in the middle. Two days a week I teach group piano classes to kids aged 3-7. There are some good points to my job, but I don't get paid anywhere near enough and the director and owner of the school institute stupid policies and ask for unreasonable or unnecessary things. The kids can also get out of hand really quickly. It's a stressful job, and I have been looking for something else (preferably a graphic arts job, a field in which I have lots of experience) for the past two years. I haven't found anything, however. I also have a home-based business designing and making jewelry, and I am in the process of launching my new website which will encompass all of the things I can do to make money (teaching & performing music, making jewelry, bellydancing, editing/proofreading, sewing, graphic design, modeling, and photography). In a perfect world, I would quit my teaching job and focus on my home business, but I am worried that I wouldn't have enough money to pay my rent and bills if I did so.

Relationships - I'm polyamorous and am currently dating three men. I have been dating J for about 5 years all together (two separate times), and am currently living with him. He has one other paramour. I have been dating C off and on since 2003 or so, and constantly for the last 3 or 4 years. He has a wife and one other paramour. I have been dating S since the beginning of August of this year. He has lived with his one other paramour for 13 years. C and I have amazing chemistry and have had an overall good relationship, though we don't see each other as often as I'd like and could stand to have slightly better communication. J is very jealous of the relationship between C and myself. I feel that J and I haven't had a very good relationship since we moved in together; there's a lot of stress centering mainly over my lack of organization (and therefore the general mess of the house). S and I have some things in common, but don't seem to be communicating in the same language (or don't seem to be on the same page) a lot of the time.

I did my readings with the Goddess Tarot (Amazon.com page) by Kris Waldherr. I used a Work Horseshoe spread and a Love Horseshoe spread, respectively, from the "Tarot Companion" by Tracy Porter.

Horseshoe Spread - Work
Question - What do I need to know about my journey to self-employment? My current job?

Card 1 - The Past - Prince of Cups

Card 2 - The Present - King of Cups (Inverse)

Card 3 - Positively (what is positive regarding the situation) - Princess of Cups

Card 4 - Negatively (what is difficult about the situation) - Nine of Staves (Inverse)

Card 5 - Outside Factors - Ten of Pentacles

Card 6 - Best Course - Six of Pentacles (Inverse)

Card 7 - Outcome - VIII Justice: Athena

Horseshoe Spread - Love
Question - What should I know about my current three paramours? Is there something I can do to make the relationships better?

Card 1 - The Past - XIX The Sun: The Zorya (Inverse)

Card 2 - The Present - Seven of Cups (Inverse)

Card 3 - Hopes, Fears, Expectations - Ace of Pentacles (Inverse)

Card 4 - Conflicts - Two of Cups

Card 5 - Outside Influences - Four of Pentacles

Card 6 - Best Course - 0 Beginnings: Tara (would be The Fool in other decks)

Card 7 - Outcome - XI Strength: Oya
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