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Our Adventure

Well last night Rain and I went to our first local Poly meeting. We have been a member of AzPolyPurpose for over a year now and have always made excuses for not attending the monthly discussion groups or social gatherings. But Saturday night I made the decision and woke Rain up early the next day. I left Nitrous asleep in bed because he had to work and Rain and I were on our way.

If took us about an hour to get to the other side of the Valley but the house the meeting was at was just beautiful. It was so great to meet other people into the same relationship as us. We even met a group that needed a flow chart for their relationship more then we did. So it was a great experience. The conversation was very open and involving. There was food and drink. There was even clothing optional swimming.

I was actually really surprised at myself for being so open about swimming naked with people that I had just met but it just felt natural. There wasn’t anything really sexual about it and nobody judged anyone else. I never once felt that anyone was thinking I was fat or ugly and Rain was right there by my side.

We were definitely the youngest people there, but I had always known that the poly community was populated by mainly older folk. It didn’t bother me though one bit. I felt like they treated us like mature adults and that was really nice. I enjoyed being respected and not judged for once based on my age or my relationship status. I really hope that the next meeting we attend (and I hope to be going fairly regularly now) I can have Nitrous by my side as well.
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