wolfpeach (wolfpeach) wrote in polypagans,

How does this friends thing work??

Hi All -

I've recently started this LJ thing, and would like to keep a journal that all of the nice people in groups I'm a member of (such as this one) can read, but that wont be visible to people who *aren't* members of the same groups as me... Do I have to add you all as friends individually? Whats the etiquette here?

I'm not such an exhibitionist that I want to share my ramblings with any weirdo on the internet (or colleagues, or ... gulp... parents) so I dont want to mark it 'public'... but a) it feels v forward and b) it will take eons to add everyone in all the groups I belong to individually.

Hmmmm... any advice?

In the meantime, I might just start adding folk I like the look of... So please dont be offended if I add( or dont add) you!! It might be quite random....

wolfpeach x
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