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First of all I'd like to start out with a few things... The definitions of what Poly means and what Pagan means...

Poly is short for Polyamory. If you break the word Polyamory down you get two words Poly meaning many and amour meaning love(s). So Polyamory is the capability of having more than one love. This doesn't mean you have to be having sexual relations with someone for them to be a significant other in your life... Though many people seem to define love in the physical sense... A polyamorous relationship is on where there is a stable primary couple who then has the freedom of having loving relationships with others. With or without sexual exchanges.

Now for what is a Pagan. The websters dictionary would tell you that a pagan is a country dweller or one who lives in the country-side.. Of course we know also, and for the purposes of this community this is the accepted definition, that a Pagan is someone who practices a Pre-Christian European tradition. Many people choose freely to mix and match gods and goddesses from different pantheons while others choose to be very 'traditional' and stick to a particular pantheon of one culture or another... There is no 'right way' in this community. I want that made clear.

We are here to love ourselves and each other. If people wish to make ways to meet one another for practice of spiritual purposes or to meet for more intimate purposes that is wonderful. I do ask, however, that you keep any drama that results from such meetings off the community. Anyone who does not do so will be banned.

In Troth,